Our history
We are driven by passion

For almost twenty years we have been offering our experience to companies that believe in the values of dialogue and transparency as well as in the benefits of an open relationship with both traditional and digital media, with the objective to convey messages to different stakeholders.

For us, communicating is much more than facilitating our customers’ business.

Our goal is to help company executives and managers, thanks to our passion and skills, to develop their relationship with journalists, who have always been the main opinion makers and storytellers of contemporary history. We work alongside our customers in an ongoing dialogue, aimed at clarifying the company’s official position but also at exchanging views on broader issues, thus becoming credited opinion leaders. A constructive and unbiased dialogue whose benefits, albeit not immediately perceivable, contribute over time to building a strong and clear reputation that enables the company to face even the most critical times. Companies are thus given the chance to explain their choices and their impact on the environment, society, on the businesses linked therewith, on institutions, the market and its operators, public opinion, down to single customers who can now share their unfiltered experiences across social networks.

We produce content
Smartphones, computers, tablets and many other devices have become part of everyday life. These innovations have changed the way of describing a company and the people who work to make it great as well as their objectives. Through content, we shape the tremendous asset inherent in every company.
We are multimillennial
Our team combines the expertise gained in the past century, when the press along with the radio and TV were the core of communications, with new digital media. To tell a story, you need to be fully aware of the past and imagine how the future might be.