We help you define and implement an external communication plan addressed to the largest media community, whether or not digital.

The plan provides not only for the management of information on your company’s growth, its products and services, but also guides the company along a path designed for its accreditation with key journalists, in order to become an authoritative and competent voice commenting industry trends and its main events.

Our team will help you identify and create news, suggesting the most effective strategy in every situation, preparing all the necessary materials and organising relationships with journalists and bloggers, being at your side during meetings or interviews to promote or defend your company’s position.

Press review will always be crucial in media relations.

The daily reading of newspapers and websites is not only an occasion to check the results of our work, but it is also a very useful opportunity to monitor the hottest issues and trends, thus offering our customers additional opportunities for visibility and media action.

In this respect, by making the most of our many years of cooperation with media monitoring companies, we produce personalized press reviews for our customers as well as reasoned sentiment analyses on specific topics, created on a daily basis by our analysts and available also in English.

We develop event projects in collaboration with our many partners.

We are able to either manage the entire set-up of an event or to focus on specific aspects such as the definition of themes and formats, the identification and involvement of potential speakers, chairmen and institutional counterparts, up to the production of graphic presentations, videos and infographics. In recent years we have acquired specific expertise in the planning of corporate events such as conferences, workshops, conventions, store openings, corporate incentives and cultural events.

Our ability to build and write content using a journalist language can be extended to the production of content designed for the company’s internal public.

The themes managed for press office purposes can often be replicated for corporate publications like house-organs, intranets, blogs, closed groups on social media, newsletters. In this area we can help you plan and manage the company’s publishing activity, either overall or only for content production, with obvious advantages in terms of consistency and corporate identity.

Digital communications have greatly expanded the external communication channels available to companies, turning them into actual publishers in many cases.

Relying on our team of direct journalists and on a network of external contributors created in over twenty years of business, we can help you design and develop new communication tools, whether they be traditional or digital, defining editorial plans to cover a broad range of topics and, above all, promoting readers’ understanding of your role and the effects of your business within society.

Social channels are increasingly used to share media relations content.

Our corporate publishing and content services have led us to develop and manage increasingly articulated editorial and social media plans, through which we enhance your external communications and publish content designed to entertain, involve and activate readers, in addition to providing services connected with your customer care activities.

We are driven by passion
For almost twenty years we have been offering our experience to companies that believe in the values of dialogue and transparency as well as in the benefits of an open relationship with both traditional and digital media, with the objective to convey messages to different stakeholders.


We are multimillennial
Our team combines the expertise gained in the past century, when the press along with the radio and TV were the core of communications, with new digital media. To tell a story, you need to be fully aware of the past and imagine how the future might be.