Our team

Alberto Cigolini

Founding partner and owner. Ever the optimist, never subdued, I boldly look to the future whilst being grateful to the past and to my origins. I love working in a team, engaging new talents, being committed to new causes. I have never been as proud of what we are as I am now.


Giangiuseppe Bianchi

Founding partner and owner, I have been working in financial and corporate communications for over 20 years. My passion for comics has taught me that the combination between text, image and narration truly makes the difference.

Roberta Caffaratti

I was born when the Internet came to life and I can’t live without it. As a journalist, writing has been my job for over 20 years. I’m curious, I love challenges and I always find the right solution to give shape to content. Both on paper and digitally.

 Doriana Lubrano Lobianco

A traveller, always keen on discovering new horizons, I love to look into new areas also in my profession, where I communicate, write, explore strategies and organize events for the fascinating worlds of finance, fashion, retail, health & wellness, art and technology.

Luca Damiani

Creative, curious and concrete. I have been working in communications for 16 years: from journalism to PR, from the press to social media, from finance to entertainment. My motto: never stop evolving.


Deborah Ceo

Concrete, precise, positive, with a passion for Japan. I speak almost five languages and have always been a communicator: a journalist in 2001, then a finance-focused PR specialist, and a family-friendly blogger in my personal life.


Roberto Valguarnera

A journalist, I have been living for and thanks to my writing for 14 years. I first worked in smoky news editorial offices which I then left for the digital world where, however, I still pursue the same goal: to transform ideas into content.


Soyana Lanza

A Social Media Nerd, I live in the world of likes, tweets, sharings and comments. Curious and stubborn, I have a passion for music, cinema and technology. A keen organizer (though only in my professional life), I make the most of every opportunity to create a new Excel spreadsheet.


Silvia Chicconi

A budding press agent, Millennial by birth and vocation, I give print media a digital shape. I devour books (though only ebooks), my favourite sport is binge watching, though I let myself be seduced by the charm of the big screen.


Nora Ricci

An instinctively dynamic translator and interpreter, I have always been fascinated by communications in which I have been working for over 15 years. My true calling is event organization: precision, passion and curiosity are my guiding values.

Sara Pavesi

I love travels, real or fantasy ones, discovering history and new and old stories, I’ve been walking around for more than ten years across PR alleys in finance

Federica Marotti

At fifteen, I decided what my job would be: communicator, journalist, public relations expert. After some years (a few…) I am still convinced and happy with this choice. Always on the move. Seeking new solutions, innovative ways and means of communication. Curious and determined, for me work rhymes with passion.

PARODIFrancesca Parodi

Journalist, curious about everything I do not know and always chasing down stories. I love writing, creating digital contents and organizing events.